Choosing a Nanny Agency that works for you

Making the decision to hire a nanny is something that can come back to haunt you if not done with prudence. Not only are you welcoming this new person into your home, he or she is entrusted with the care and nurturing of your child so it is imperative that you hire the most appropriately skilled person for the job. A professional nanny agency, like Rainbow Nannies, can help you find the ideal nanny for your family.

There are a variety of nanny agencies just waiting, eager to help you find the perfect nanny. Just as there are good and not so good nannies out there, the same applies to agencies. Finding an agency to suit your needs will take a little homework on your part.

Look for professional affiliations. If an agency displays an APNA seal, it means that they have been approved by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies.  For over twenty years this organization has been screening nanny agencies and only those with the highest industry standards make the grade. An agency must be cleared through an investigation process, complete an extensive application procedure and gain approval of the board of directors in order to receive this seal of approval.

Another organization that focuses on agency quality is the International Nanny Association. This group has a code of ethics to which member agencies must adhere.  They have various resources available for nannies and agencies to promote and inform about continuing education, industry standards, relevant legislative updates, business management help and more. When an agency, like Rainbow Nannies, is an INA member, you can expect quality, ethical, and highly professional service.

Any nanny agency you work with should be easily accessible and willing to genuinely listen to your needs and concerns and address each in a caring, professional manner. Timely follow up is also a key indicator of an agency that values its families. A quality agency will walk you through the entire process and remain involved after placement to ensure that the relationship between your family and the nanny is working well. They will also have resources for you, such as nanny tax information.

Many agencies advertise that they do background checks on all nannies they work with, however, those checks are often just through the national database and only felons will show up. Check to see if the agency you are hiring does more in depth background checks with state and local bureaus. You don’t want a nanny with a history of speeding tickets driving your precious little ones around town.

The best agencies also take good care of their nannies. Nannies affiliated with the agency should feel supported and have access to resources such as CPR training, information about continuing education and industry information. You will find some agencies make recommendations for their nannies to explore quality parenting methods such as RIE – Resources for Infant Educarers. Rainbow Nannies Agency is one that goes this extra step in offering highly trained and informed personnel and takes the steps to make sure their nannies fit the bill.

An agency that cares for both the families it serves and the nannies it recommends is an agency that is providing quality service. Such an agency will work to earn your trust and once earned, will keep it by means of open communication and professional commitment.

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