Make a Special Valentine with Your Little Heart Throb

Commercial Valentine’s Day cards are a dime a dozen. Well, more like a couple of dollars for a dozen, but what they lack is that special touch that only comes from a hand crafted card.

Creating cards with your toddler will provide you and your child with special memories for years to come. Projects can be simple or more complex depending on your imagination and your child’s interest level. There are many websites that cater to the crafty toddler so you won’t have to look very far to find a project that will delight you and your little valentine.

For a simple idea that’s sure to spark your sweetheart’s imagination try this:


Newspaper to work on

Cardstock, construction or heavy paper (can be red, white or pink)

Old magazines with lots of pictures


Glue sticks

Embellishments (optional)


Spread out the newspaper for your work area. Fold the paper or cardstock in half and cut out half a heart shape on the fold with the fold going down the center. Open the heart and lay flat. Go through the magazines with your little one and cut out various pictures to paste on the heart shape. Use pinking shears or decorative edging scissors for added impact. You can either cut out a bunch of pictures then paste them on the heart or paste as you go.  On the back side of the heart let your artist write Happy Valentine’s Day and sign her name. After the writing is completed, add embellishments to the front side.


For another simple project, cut heart shapes out of coffee filters. Dampen the filters with water and use water based markers to decorate the shapes. Or decorate dry filters with water based markers then add drops of water and watch the colors spread.


It doesn’t take much time or effort to create fun Valentine’s Day projects. Your little Valentine will be so proud to see his creation on the fridge or wall and Mommy and Daddy will be always treasure this special little heart from their special little Valentine!



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