Establishing a Good Relationship with Your Pediatrician

Many car owners prefer to take their vehicles to one particular place to get it serviced. The reasoning is that the mechanics get to know the vehicle with all its peculiar quirks and idiosyncrasies. And just like finding the right mechanic for your car, you need to find the right pediatrician for your child. Children, like the rest of us, have quirks and idiosyncrasies that are unique to each individual. This pertains not just to personality, but also to health issues. Some kids may be more prone to tummy problems or earaches while others in the same household may seem incredibly healthy all the time.
When it comes to your child’s pediatrician, you want to find one that is compatible with you and your child. You should have confidence in the doctor’s abilities and a feeling of trust. These two key elements are foundational to establishing a healthy relationship. Having good rapport with your pediatrician is important for a number of reasons.
First time parents in particular often have many questions and concerns regarding their baby’s health. Establishing a good relationship with your pediatrician means that no matter how silly or inconsequential your question may seem, you feel free to ask it and you receive a caring, knowledgeable response. Knowing that your pediatrician feels that there are no dumb questions helps you maintain peace of mind. It’s also critical in monitoring your child’s health. Many a child has wound up in the emergency room due to dismissal of a parent’s question or concerns.
Most insurance companies are now expecting consumers to take a larger role in their own health care. To a certain extent, this makes sense, but when it comes to your children, you want a reliable pediatrician to help you make sense of the health issues you may encounter with your child. When you take the time to build a relationship with your child’s doctor, you make an investment in your child’s well being. A doctor who genuinely takes an interest in your child will often go that extra step to make sure that you fully understand the answers to the questions asked. Such a doctor will address your concerns and will help you get educated on any ailments or conditions with which your child may be contending.
You may be pleasantly surprised to find that just asking sincerely how she is doing can go a long way in beginning to establish a good relationship with your pediatrician.

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