RIE® (Resource for Infant Educarers®)

RIERainbow Nannies wants  to share with our parents and nannies what  we believe to be a powerful tool and resource, RIE® (Resources for infant Educarers). RIE® will help you find balance and enjoyment while viewing life through the eyes of your baby. RIE® is a Educaring® Approach also used by nannies, sitters, and caretakers.

RIE® is…..A time to spend with your baby without interruption or imposing your opinions, views, or emotions (Magda Gerber) . Respectful parenting is an inner calmness and peaceful experience. To totally understand RIE® one would have to practice the approach with conviction and passion. RIE® emphasizes observation, less interference, free play, listening with your ears (not your mouth) and watching with your eyes– without getting in the way (Magda Gerber). Having a gentle presence will allow your baby to thrive in a natural way. As parents, we over stimulate our children with lots of unnecessary noise, assistance when not needed, toys with bells and whistles, and many other distractions that take away from their natural learning ability.  Infants process the world around them through exploration, discovery, and movement (Magda Gerber). In our society we think our babies need us to be and do everything for them. Quite contrary…our job is to step aside and observe their world with them, not for them. Unknowingly we contribute greatly to their dependence on us. RIE® infants need plenty of organic stimulation and space to move freely in a safe, protected environment.

The key ingredient to the Educaring® Approach message is ‘”Respect”. Respect encompasses an array of truths. Respecting your baby means, refraining from interference’s, freedom to explore, wonder, and understanding who they are as little people, encouraging active involvement, observation (understanding how to respond to his needs), and consistency (security, setting limits, boundaries and predictable routines) (Magda Gerber). By implementing this approach, you make life easier and more relaxed for you and your baby. Your child will become more cooperative, less needy, and more self-sufficient. RIE® babies find intrinsic value in their own development and surprisingly do not need rewards or praise from others( Magda Gerber).

One of the great strengths about this approach is that it has its own unique culture of parents, and caretakers. They have embraced the power of independent development without intruding on the process.   We are a society of quick, fast, now, and let’s go. It is so important to slow down and give choices that are tailored to what infants need. Choices are a significant value in a child’s life. Never give false choices. For example: “Do you want to go to the car wash with mommy?” You know they have to go whether if they want to or not. That would be deceitful. A true choice would be: “Yogurt or a banana?” This way it’s easy and they get what they want. Again, it’s about being respectful.

Basic Trust

Basic trust means, “Believing in your child’s competence and supporting his authenticity. It is believing that whatever your child needs to know, he will learn. In this way he will grow to trust in himself and in you. Your child’s curiosity, interest, and readiness are what count, and observation is the key.”  – Magda Gerber

RIE® is also about self-confident babies who are self-learners, initiators, and inventors (Magda Gerber). These children will grow gracefully and happily. They will establish meaningful relationships with their parents, and caretakers. Remember, your baby is unique and has a built-in development agenda that works very well. Esteem your child for qualities he possesses and never try to rush, or hurry any experience, it takes away from the beauty, of quality time.

Make your lives about growing together, and sharing in the moment. Consider this, all the things you think he should be doing right now, he doesn’t.

We encourage our clients and nannies to gain more insightful knowledge pertaining to the guidance and practices of the RIE® philosophy. We believe this fundamental truth will bring about harmony, and balance in your family’s lives.

If you would like your nanny to implement this approach while caring for your child please visit the  RIE® Center at rie.org.

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